What’s the time?

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Found this great link at http://xkcd.com

Time of day


New pictures of Celestine

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Here are some new pictures of Celestine:


These pictures where taken with a Nokia phone.


New Photos

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I have updated the photo album. I’m using the ExhibitPlus skin for JAlbum. The thumbnail images on the first page looks a little distorted, have not found any way yet to correct this. Anyway, enjoy the pictures, there will be more pictures later on this week.


Our New Home

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We have finally decided to move to a bigger place. Our new home is a house on the island of Hisingen. The area is called Kärrdalen, and is located about six kilometers from the city center. We will start to move in the beginning of August.

Here are some pictures of the house:

View from the street

The garden is very nice with a lot of plants, flowers and trees. There is also a rather large terrace.
View from the garden

The garden is sloping a little, giving a nice view over the neighbourhood and we will also have a small greenhouse.

The entrance

The greenhouse
The new address will be (from the beginning of August):

Bjurstigen 1

417 29  Göteborg

Here are some additional pictures from the interior of the house.

Living room

And the top floor:

Top floor

We hope that we will have some really good times in our new home, please feel free to visit us, here is a map over the area.

If you are coming by bus, stop at Bjurslättsliden (bus 25 or 31), just a couple of minutes from the house.


Homepage hacked

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I just noticed that my son Solomon’s homepage was “hacked”, supposedly by a group called Ankicilar Team. I don’t understand how anyone can be proud of destroying a fourteen year old boy’s homepage.

This homepage is part of a simple (but usable) Wiki system. We don’t have any passwords, anyone can contribute - the same philosophy goes for e.g. Wikipedia. To “hack” such a website does is not very difficult. The reason we have this open policy is to welcome positive contributions by others.

What worries me is that there are so many destructive forces out there. Every day I get hundreds of spam emails, spam posts to the website, attempts to fill the guestbook with spam…

Some people must have very boring lives. The same type of people that used to sabotage telephone booths have now graduated from computer school and started to practice their destructive skills on other people’s web sites.

I’m starting to think that stupidity is the most common element in universe.


Server downtime expected …

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I have some kind of hardware fault on my Sun Ultra-2. I suspect the power supply, as the server can power off at any time.

I removed everything that is removable, and I have run some extensive diagnostic tests, but nothing that can give a clue to what is really happening.

After some time the server just powers off, no logs and no diagnostic messages. Very irritating.

At least the hard disks seem to be ok, (phew!).

If this continues I will probably have to upgrade to a different platform…


More news feeds

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I have added some more news sources on my news aggregation page.

This is just an experiment, the pages are created by a cron job that runs a Perl script I wanted to test.

The sources are some common news agencies. Please come with suggestions on other good, general and unbiased news sources. (I did not say that the sources I have chosen are unbiased.)

If, by any reason, you would like me to remove a source (for copyright reasons or other) please contact me, and I will remove it immediately.


New pictures

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I developed some film rolls and ordered copies on photo CD. The dates span from 2003 until december 2005.

Cape Town, South Africa

You can see the pictures here, there are a lot of them.


News Aggregation

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I have started a new experiment where I aggregate news from different sites using a Perl script and XSL Transforms.

Check this link, it contains news from some different sources, and is updated every 30 minutes.


RSS Support

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I have added RSS support to most of the pages within the /news and /info sections. Read more here.


New Guest Book!

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I have removed the old Guest book, since it was to cumbersome to use. Please try the new one instead.

I also updated the files section with a new layout. There you will find some of my projects.


New Photos!

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I have added some new photos on the Photos pages. They were taken by my friend Lars-Henrik when he visited us. Some of these pictures will also appear on his homepage.

Three brothers

We had a nice dinner, Ma Vee fixed pepper soup with fufu, and Lars-Henrik joined us.


Vim pages!

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I have created some pages about Vim - my favorite editor.

Here is the start page.

Lately I have spent much time on developing a Vim-based programming environment for Rave and PDL.

Read more here…

Happy Vimming!


Happy New Year!

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We wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Thanks to Ola and Karin for a wonderful New Year Party.


A new member of the family - Olof!

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Our newest member of the family entered this world on the 26th of August - his name is Olof H. H. Acosta.


Welcome Olof! and we wish that you will enjoy a long and wonderful life!

Olof is a modest and quiet person with good appetite. He can really keep his parents busy!

Thanks also to Ma Virginia, Olof’s grandmother, who is visiting us right now. We would not manage without your help!

I have added some pictures of Olof in the photo section.


Summer pictures

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I have added some pictures taken in July 2005. The pictures were taken with a mobile phone, so the quality is not the best. Anyway some of them are quite nice. The Swedish summer can be alright (if the sun is shining).


Traditional Swedish Midsummer

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I have added some pictures from the traditional Swedish Midsummer celebration in Särö.

The weather was fantastic. After a lunch with herring and potatos, we continued to a field close to the water, where a traditional dance around the Midsommarstången (the Maypole) took place.

After the dance we had a refreshing bath in the sea.

We thank Sonja, Lisa and Klas for letting us come.


Lars-Henrik’s Homepage

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My friend Lars-Henrik has created a new homepage. Here is the link: Lars-Henrik

Will be interesting to see what will happen there…


New photos

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I have added some pictures from our visit to Karlstad, Christmas 2004.
The quality of the photos is not too good, they were taken with a mobile phone camera.
We had a wonderful time in Karlstad - thank you Katarina and Roger!


Happy New Year!

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Gott Nytt År!

Celestine, Fredrik, Solomon och Thomas.